Client Care

We have a range of clients from small businesses through to National Associations.  We provide website development and hosting services on the East Coast of Australia with clients from Cairns in Far North Queensland to Melbourne in Victoria. Many of our clients are located in the Gympie region which is the primary target area for our business directory operations.

We enjoy a good working relationship with our clients (see our Testimonials), many of which are long term.  Our working relationships are due to our the quality of our services and our availability in responding to help requests.  We believe we provide a superior level of service for our clients – many of these services are provided free of charge (see below).

Our clients enjoy many complimentary benefits and services that are provided with our website development and hosting – basically “we do it all for you“.  These include:

  • Incorporation of the latest SEO principles in HTML Site development
  • Inclusion of SEO Principles and Plugins is WordPress Development
  • Use of Premium StudioPress Genesis Framework and themes for Worpdress Development 
  • Fully managed hosting services including setting up email accounts etc
  • Free management of your WordPress installation with core and plugin updates
  • Minor website updates free of charge
  • Domain registration and management

Our philosophy is the help small business with their web presence.  We know that most small business operators are very busy people and that the time required to manage a website is usually taken up with other necessary tasks in the business. In most cases, we can undertake updates in less time than it takes for us to prepare an invoice so we happily provide these minor services for free (although we do reserve the right to charge if individual service requests become “regular” or are time consuming i.e. not a minor update).  We also provide full site management and updating services for an annual fee.

Due to our commitments to our existing clients, we sometimes have to limit services available to new clients depending on the availability of our resources and the type of work required.  Although we specialise in WordPress development, we continue to offer development of simple, cost-effective HTML websites for small business.

If you would like a quote on a new website or if you would like to find about transferring your current site to us, please contact us by sending an email to